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HSE-card for building and construction

105,50 kr

VAT are not included

HSE-card for cleaning

105,50 kr

VAT are not included

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Who must have an HSE Card?

All employees who perform work on construction sites, including:

  • Foreign employees employed by foreign companies on assignment at construction sites in Norway. This also applies to short-term assignments.
  • Sole proprietorships (including those operating alone).
  • Hired workers. It is the company that rents out (employer) that must ensure that the employees are equipped with HSE cards.
  • Arbeidstakere som utfører arbeid i støttefunksjoner som for eksempel kantinedrift når de er fast etablert innenfor anleggets område.
  • Renholdere skal ha HMS-kort for renhold.
  • Persons who transport goods to building and construction sites, if the work takes place regularly.

Login and delegation

From January 2020, there was a new ordering solution and a new login method for managing HSE cards. To order an HSE card, you must log in via the ID-portal. Click Login at the top right of this page and select the desired login method. If you do not have an electronic ID, you can click on: This is how you get Electronic ID and follow the instructions. When you are logged in, you will see all companies where you have a role, and those companies where you have been delegated authorization to order cards.

If you wish to delegate access to the company so that others can also order HSE-cards, this can be done below Company In the menu to the right on the order page. Here you also get an overview of who has access to order cards and the opportunity to manage this by pressing Show details and Delegate access.