Status challenges with HSE cards


Several of the technical problems with HSE card ordering are being solved.

- We at Arbeidstilsynet and our supplier once again apologize for the problems this has caused for daily operations in a number of companies in construction and cleaning, says department director Ronny Jørgenvåg in Arbeidstilsynet.

For most people, the ordering solution works now. And since the New Year, a total of 19,200 HSE cards have been issued. The delivery time for HSE cards is now 1-5 working days + postage.

Order for posted workers ready during the week

The ordering solution for posted workers will be improved during this week (week 8). The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority apologizes for the delay, and the problem is due to a link to the Contract and Employment Register. This should be resolved now, but we need to test the solution for a few days. The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority still encourages builders who use HSE cards for access control to relax the requirements in the coming weeks as well.

We are still working on improving the ordering solution, so that it will be easier to find our own employees divided into sub-units. In the meantime, you will find your employees in the subunits where they are registered in NAV's AA register.

Still wrong with status search

When it comes to errors in the status search, work is still being done to correct this. Some issues have been resolved, but the status search still fails for some groups. This mainly applies to posted workers. We will go out with further information when this is in place

Error with readable chip and postage has been resolved

Companies that have been sent HSE cards with errors in the readable chip were sent new cards in week 7. And companies that have paid the wrong postage or received the wrong invoice, have had this refunded if necessary. that the invoices have been corrected.

Removal of newly introduced lock

We are working to remove the newly introduced barrier which means that cleaning companies can only be issued HSE cards for cleaning. It is currently uncertain when this will be in place.

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