Everyone who works in the construction industry and all cleaners must have a valid HSE card showing who they are and what company they work for, the HSE card will help to create a better overview of the employees on building and construction sites. and where cleaning service is performed. HSE cards must be worn visible at work.

On The Labor Inspection website you can see what is considered as a construction site, and what exceptions apply to the rule that everyone must have a HSE card. 

If this picture shows up the first time you try to sign in, it means you do not has been automatically assigned administrator access.

If this is the case, the people who hold one of the roles in the table below will log in to to manage the business. These will also have the opportunity to delegate this access to others.

An overview of the persons who have the relevant roles and whom you must contact in order to be delegated access to the company can be found by searching the company on the organizational number in the unit and the business register on the Brønnøysund Register page: brønnøysund registers.

To order a HSE card, you must log in via the ID portal on our website

We recommend Google Chrome as a browser.

Click on SIGN IN and select the desired login method. If you do not have an electronic ID, you can click This is how you get Electronic ID and follow the instructions.
After you log in, you will see all businesses and organizations in which you hold one of the stated roles in the above and those for which you have been delegated authorizations.


If you want to delegate access to the business so that others can also order HSE cards, this can be done under Business. This option can be found logged in on the page in the menu on the right. Here you will have the opportunity to delegate access to other people, and get an overview of who has gained access to the business.

You can also remove delegations if you wish. Click SHOW DETAILS to get additional information. There is no requirement that persons who are granted access be associated with the business.

Click on Delegate to others  to bring up the image as shown below.

  • Enter the birth number and click add.
  • Select start and stop dates 
  • Click on Save delegation.
  • Those who have now been granted access will be able to log in with their private electronic identification and access the company

If the main organization number has multiple subunits or business numbers, you can delegate access to the person on the main organization number. The person will then have access to all the subunits / company numbers


Choose the right company

To order a HSE card, one must first, after logging in, choose the right company. Immediately after logging in, you will see a list of all businesses that you automatically have a role in and the organization and business numbers to which you have been delegated access. At the first login, some white contact information boxes will appear. Here you can fill in the e-mail address you want to receive order confirmations, receipts and QR code.

The employees will most often be on a company number / sub-unit number, as they have been registered on company number in the NAV Aa register. If you have several companies / departments you will find that the employees are sorted by the departments they are registered with in the Aa register.

If you experience not seeing the employees and it is an "empty" business, you may be in the main organization number or in the wrong business number. You can then easily change business by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner. There you will make the choice Change company.

If you want to order cards for multiple devices or businesses, you must place an order for each device or business. It is not possible to order cards for several companies on the same order.

Find the right employee

When you have chosen the company for which you want to order a HSE card, you will get a list of all employees associated with that company. This list is taken from the NAV state register of employers and employees and will be updated daily. If one or more employees do not show up, it may be that NAV`s register has not been updated or that the changes were not included in the last submitted A-melding from your company. You must then add them manually.

If the company has many employees it may be necessary to press Load more or to search for the employee by first name or cardnumber in the search field.

Who doesn't show up in the staff list?

In some cases, you will not find the desired employee in the list.

Here it will be necessary to add them by clicking ADD EMPLOYEE. Fill in personal number or d-number,  first name and surname (the correct name will be extracted from the National Register) and finally click SAVE.

You will be able to order HSE cards for these immediately afterwards, but they will not be effected until the required registry checks have been completed. The name may also be updated as it is retrieved from the National Register.

Bestill HMS-Kort 

Bestilling av HMS-Kort utføres som i en standard nettbutikk. Godkjent portrettbilde og foto av legitimasjon må lastes opp per kortbestilling. Det er ikke mulig å bestille 2 HMS-Kort til samme person i virksomhet, men det er mulig å bestille et nytt HMS-Kort 2 uker før eksisterende kort utløper. 

Hvis det er ønskelig å bytte fra renholdskort til byggekort, så må renholdskortet sperres før du kan bestille byggekort. Følg stegene nedenfor: 

  • Legg til bestilling under Ansatte by clicking the icon of My Cart eller velg Order a new card. (Renholdsvirksomheter kan velge hvilken korttype de ønsker, men for byggefirmaer vil kun byggekort være tilgjengelig. Vær oppmerksom på at det ikke er mulig å reklamere eller kansellere feilbestilt kort). 
  • After the desired number of cards has been added to the order, click Handlevogn i toppmenyen. 
  • Add additional products, if desired. 
  • Se over bestillingen og velg ønsket leveringsadresse. 
    (Det er mulig å legge til flere forhåndsdefinerte leveringsadresser under Company i toppmenyen). 
  • Click on CONTINUE TO PAY. 
  • Deretter velger ønsket betalingsmåte:

Pay by card, Vipps or invoice– vær obs på denne fakturaen blir sendt til bestillers navn og ikke til firmaet.  

Faktura (30 dager)

EHF-faktura er kun tilgjengelig gjennom månedlig faktura (30 dager). Det er slik at det kommer en faktura per ordre, ønsker man samlet faktura må man bestille til flere ansatte i samme ordre.  

Med månedlig faktura vil du få muligheten til å legge inn ønsket referanse på fakturaen. 

Bestiller vil motta ordrebekreftelser pr. E-post etter fullført bestilling og, nye kort vil ha en gyldighet på 2 år. 


Photo and ID must be uploaded into the new system before ordering HSE card. Signature is no longer necessary.

What is considered valid Identification

Approved identification paper is identification that meets the requirements of the Immigration Regulations (FOR-2009-10-15-1286), Appendix 4 or travel documents as discussed by the Directorate of Immigration and Norwegian driver's licenses issued after 1998.

If you do not have any of these types of credentials, contact us by chat or phone.

The portrait image must meet the following requirements

  • The portrait image should show the face of the holder as they appear today, without headgear * or similar.
  • Both eyes and ears should be fully visible.
  • The gaze should be aimed at the camera lens.
  • The facial expression should be neutral and the mouth closed.
  • The background should be light with no strong shadows.
  • The face should be evenly illuminated.
  • Eyeglasses must not be worn.
  • The face must be depicted directly from the front.
  • The portrait image cannot be an image of a photograph of the employee.
  • Images must be in .JPEG or .PNG format.
  • Images must be less than 10mb in total

*Persons may, for religious or other special reasons, for example in the event of illness, wear headgear in the photograph when there is reason to believe that the person in question will wear similar headgear in future checks. The headgear must not cover any of the face or more of the head than is necessary.

What do I do if the images are rejected?

If you receive an email saying that the photo or ID is not valid, both parts must be re-uploaded regardless if only one of them has been rejected. Should only ID be selected, the upload will not be possible. 

The e-mail will explain why the images are rejected but some of the reasons may be: 

   - The face is unevenly illuminated. Large contrasts in the image can cause white dots in the image when transferred to the card. Make sure the image is not taken at a bright light source, for example, directly under a lamp.
    - Pass. When it comes to submitting passports as ID, it will be rejected if the expiration date does not appear or is clear enough on the photo submitted. 
    - Glasses. New requirements mean that glasses are not approved in the picture.
    - Debitcard. Debitcards are no longer valid as ID.

 When the new images are uploaded, they will be placed in a new image processing queue. If you refresh the page you will see that the image has been submitted to be processed and that the order will continue automatically. You will receive a new email if the image is rejected again. When the photo is approved, it will be visible in front of the employee's name.


Uploading can be done by the ordering or card holder, but must always be started by the organization, click on UPLOAD A NEW PICTURE under each employee.

Then select the desired upload method. Upload from your device or Let employees upload photos themselves

Let the employee upload photos themselves will allow you to send a secure link to the employee by copying and sharing it. The link has a duration of 5 days. If you try to use the link after these five days, you will get the following error message: Images could not be uploaded.

After the cards have been ordered, they will be forwarded for automatic check against the registers and for verification of identification and portrait photo. 

  •  Cards that do not meet the requirements will have status Pending until all requirements are approved.
  • An order can be for up to 20 working days, before it is automatically canceled, and you have to order the card again.
  • This dones not apply to cleaning companies that are awaiting approval from Labor Inspectorate. These will have status Pending until final answer is available.
  • When the register check and identity have been approved the cards will go to production.
  • When the card is marked valid, the person who ordered the card will receive an email with a QR code, which acts as a temporary card until a physical card is received.
  • Within 4 business days, the cards will be sent out of production and will then be sent by mail to the chosen delivery address.
  • If you want to send cards to different addresses, you need to divide the orders to the different locations.
  • The cards are sent in their own envelopes to the address given in the order, by default this is the invoice address.
  • If the order is to be sent to another address, a new delivery address must be entered below Company and adresses before ordering cards.
  • Ordered cardholders are shipped in their own shipping.
  • We only send cards to a Norwegian address.

What to do when your order is rejected?

A card that is not approved will be canceled. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as no uploaded image or the person or company getting errors in one or more registry checks.

If this is the case, an e-mail will be sent to the orderer. The e-mail will contain the reason for the rejection and what the orderer must do to proceed. This message will also be available in the order portal.

Cards will automatically be invalidated if an employee quits the company, and blocked when the card's validity date has expired (2 years). Cards that are set as invalid will automatically be activated, and set as valid should an employee return to the company within the card's validity period.

If the HSE card is lost or stolen, this card must be blocked before a new card can be ordered. This is done by expanding the portal of the employee in the portal and clicking on Block card.

Expired or blocked cards can be delivered to the employer for shredding and there is no longer a need to submit the card to the card issuer.

It is possible to check the status of HSE card on our website, Here you can search Cardnumber, and obtain status on the card and associated business.

It is also possible to do a status search with QR code Through a smartphone. Then card information will also appear.

It is mainly supervised by the Labor Inspectorate and the Petroleum Safety Authority. The tax authorities and the police may also require to see the HSE cards.

The Labor Inspectorate, the Petroleum Safety Authority, the tax authorities and the police can cancel HSE cards which are invalid because the period of validity has expired,
the employment or company has expired, or if the card or use of the card is invalid for other reasons.

The cards must be visible at work. HSE card must be displayed on request to:

  • Builder, builder's representative
  • Coordinator for safety, health and working environment (Working Environment Act § 2-2)
  • Safety representatives and regional safety representatives
    You can also perform checks yourself by performing a simpler search for the card number on our website.

It is the main unit of the companies that is invoiced when ordering on invoice. This means that if “TietoEvry AS Avd. Fornebu ”orders, the main unit“ TietoEvry AS ”is invoiced

We now issue one invoice per order rather than a collective invoice. We do this to be able to easily find out which order an invoice applies to, and to link the invoice to the customer reference you enter when ordering.

When there is no reference to the invoice under "Customer ref", the possibility of entering a customer reference when ordering was not yet implemented. Contact their customer so they can inform about customer reference. We can not change already issued invoices, so here it is important that customers apply the correct reference when ordering.

Here is an excerpt from our invoice in pdf format. The order number from the HSE card portal will appear as "Vår referanse" in the invoice. "Ordrenr" is an internal order number for our invoice department and does not matter to the buyer.

You will find this order number under the customer's organization number, which also appears in the invoice. The order line contains the subunit that has placed the order's organization number.

If you want to see the order, you can log in to the HSE card portal, select the organisationnumber mentioned in the invoice, and see in Orderhistory which employee (s) this order applies to.

EHF invoice

We have received some inquiries regarding the lack of customer reference on the EHF invoices. We send this information when an EHF file is generated for export, but whether it is included on the invoice often depends on the supplier of the EHF Invoice.

Here are some excerpts from our EHF code. Censored as it is taken from a real invoice.

And this is how it will look on the EHF invoice

Om dere har flere spørsmål angående faktura kan dere rette de til brukerstøtte på telefon eller chat, eller sende e-post til

Use this as a template when submitting information to us.

Company Name:
Organization Number, (Main Unit):
Contact Point, (Email):

Invoice number:
Order number:


Send e-posten til

Did you not receive products that you ordered? Feel free to send us an explanation of your problem.

Use this as a template when submitting information to us.

Company Name:
Organization Number, (Main Unit):
Contact Point, (Email):

Order number:
Card number:


Send eposten til:

The HSE cards have a built-in chip of the type Mifare 4K RFID (contactless chip). The following information is stored in the card's chip: 

  • First Name / Last Name.
  •  Date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Organization number / Organization name.
  • Card number.
  • Expiration date.
  • In the barcode on the card is stored the organization number and card number.

Industry coding 

HSE cards have a so-called Industry coding built into the chip. This way of storing information allows HSE cards to be used in access systems, stamping clocks and by automatically reading information on the card.

The coding is done in a format prepared by the building and construction industry itself. If you need to be able to read the data with BNIDReadkey, contact EVRY.

Exception registration Nav-Aa

  • All Norwegian employers must register their employees, both Norwegian and foreign, in the state register of employers and employees (NAV Aa register). In some cases, the company or person must not be registered in the relevant registers. In such cases, the company will automatically be rejected when applying for an HSE card. To order an HSE card, information must be entered in an exception register. This applies, for example, to the CEO of a business without employees or employees on permanently adapted work through NAV. Contact Hmskort user support in such cases.

Exception registration UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Foreign Affairs)

  • Employees from countries outside the EEA area must have valid work access. This is automatically checked by querying the UDI's register. In a few cases, the automatic query gives validation denied ( NO ), but the employee still has valid work access. To order an HSE card, information must be entered in an exception register. If the company believes that the cleaner has valid work access, they must contact the UDI to get a confirmation of this. Documentation can be sent to Mark the e-mail with «application for exemption registration UDI»


The transitional arrangement for former API users has now been completed. The expected time for the possibility of a new API connection (API1) is week 4 in 2021
Routine for API connection
The company enters into an agreement directly with Evry at
The e-mail address is active from 01.01.2021.


General information about new API solution

New API solution is divided into 2 levels
API1 is quite similar to the solution from a previous provider, with some exceptions

  • Connection is no longer run with username and password, but with OAUTH2
  • When searching for a card number, no personal data will appear.
  • When searching for QR or CHIP code, you will get some more personal data including image.

API2 is new compared to the previous solution. There you will have the opportunity to automate the entire ordering process.
What is important to note is that API2 only provides access to data belonging to the customer's business.
This means that if you want to place orders through API2 on behalf of another company, then you must use this company's API key

As of today, no date has been set for API2 connection.

This guide is a compilation of requirements from the Norwegian authorities. This is to give an overview of what needs to be put in place to get a HSE card. The different registries may change their registration requirements. Then this website will not always be updated. Background - The requirements for issuing HSE cards will always be updated here, but requirements related to the various registers we have found that we are not always able to catch up. It is the various authorities' own websites that want correct information.

The authorities have set very specific requirements for which registers both the company and the person must be registered in order to get HSE card.
If you receive error messages that you or your company are not registered in one or more of the different registers, then read more here about what you need to do to register properly.

Central coordinating register for legal entities/ Register of Business Enterprises

All companies, both foreign and Norwegian, that conduct companies in Norway must have an organization number. This also applies to Sole proprietorships. More information on how to register companies can be found at

Value-added tax register (VAT register)

Companies with a turnover of goods or texable services must be registered in the VAT register. More information on how to register in the VAT register can be found at

Some companies should not be registered in the VAT register. This applies, for example, to new companies that have not had sales of more than NOK 50,000 yet and some industries. There, the company itself must state when ordering an HSE card that they are not subject to the requirement for registration in the VAT register. This can be done by clicking Self-approve (See picture). Then the Register status will be set to Approved. The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority will submit information about which companies believe they are not subject to registration in the VAT register to the tax authorities.

National register (Sosial security number or D-number)

Everyone who is to receive a HSE card must either have a Norwegian sosial security number or a D-number.
The sosial security number is initially assigned to people who are born in Norway or people who are registered as immigrants in Norway. D-numbers are assigned to foreign workers who come to Norway to work. The D-number is assigned by the Tax Administration when applying for a tax card. For more information on how to apply for D-number (See You can also apply for a D-number at the Service Offices for Foreign Workers in Norway (SUA). See Overview of SUA offices.

NAV state register of employers and employees

As the HSE card shows who you are and the company you work for, this must be verified in a register. Employees in Norwegian companies will usually be registered in the NAV state register of employers and employees (Aa register).

Registration to the register can be done electronically via Please note that even though employers' contributions are paid for employees, they must be registered in the Aa register. The holder of the shares in a limited company is also regarded as an employee of the company and must be registered with the NAV Aa register if he or she receives a regular salary. For more information on Nav Aa Registry (See

Board members and others with registered roles associated with the business, who are not employees:

To obtain an HSE card for people with a registered affiliation with the company in the force register and who do not have employees, contact our user support.

Employees on NAV's permanently adapted measures

Will not be registered in the NAV Aa registry. In order to receive a HSE card, documentation from NAV with name and date of birth, as well as the organization number of the company must be sent to our support.

Assignment and employee register

For posted workers on assignments in Norway, the employment relationship is checked against registered information in the Assignment and employee register.

Assignments given to foreign companies must be registered by the Norwegian client in the Assignment and employee register with the tax authorities. The contractor shall register his employees working on the assignment. Upon registration, the D-number is assigned. More information on how to register the information can be found at

Cleaning register

It is prohibited to purchase cleaning services from unauthorized cleaning services. All companies that perform cleaning services must be approved or have applied for approval and received a letter from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority to begin ordering HSE cards.

All companies that offer cleaning services in whole or in part in Norway must apply for public approval. This also applies to those who hire people who perform cleaning services. The requirement for approval also applies to self-employed persons, whether the enterprise has employees or not. Companies with cleaning companies that only perform cleaning services within their own company should not apply for approval.

Read more about the requirements and how to apply for approval at

Residence permit with work access in Norway (only applies to cleaning companies)

For HSE cards within cleaning companies, it is also checked that all foreign nationals are allowed to work in Norway. Citizens from EU / EEA countries have the right to work in Norway. For citizens of other nationalities, this is checked with an automatic search against the UDI. For more information about what you as an employer must investigate, you can find information here (See

If the business has cleaners from nations outside the EU / EEA, who are legally staying in Norway for a family reunion with the EU / EEA spouse, then contact our support.


What is a Norwegian-registered foreign enterprise (NUF)?

A NUF is a Norwegian branch of a foreign enterprise. The department in Norway is subject to the foreign enterprise, and it is the foreign enterprise that is responsible for the operations in the Norwegian department. Foreign companies that conduct business in Norway have a duty to register in the Register of Business Enterprises.

Foreign companies that do not engage in business activities, but who still need a Norwegian organization number, have the right to register in the Register of entities. The department in Norway must have a contact person. It is not required that the contact person must be domiciled in Norway, but the contact person must have a Norwegian person or D-number.

Register requirements for issuing HSE cards to NUF

Business Enterprises / CCR

All foreign enterprises operating in Norway have a duty to register in Register of Business Enterprices Business enterprises. Foreign companies that do not operate in Norway have the right to register in the Central coordinating register for legal entities. Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities if they need a Norwegian organization number Registration duty in the Register of Business Enterprises for NUF).

How to register a Norwegian registered foreign enterprise (NUF)

  • You register a NUF by filling out and submitting the form Coordinated register announcement Part 1 - Form for Norwegian-registered foreign enterprises. Registration cannot be done electronically.
  • Attach a registration certificate from the public registration authority in your home country and other necessary attachments.
  • Anyone who has a role in the NUF and who does not have a Norwegian birth number or a Norwegian D-number must also fill out an application for the allocation of D-number. If there is another person who will have a formal role in the department in Norway and who lacks a D-number, they must also apply for a D-number in connection with the registration.
  • Send the forms and attachments (all attachments should initially be in Norwegian, but Swedish, Danish and English are also accepted) collectively to the postal address stated on the form.

The different forms can be found on this page: Start and register the Norwegian Department of Foreign Enterprises (NUF).

Roles in NUF

There are those who have a registered role in the NUF who can order HSE cards for the company. Further information can be found on the page Roles in NUF.

Value Added Tax (VAT) register

If you, as a foreign company, are to perform assignments in Norway, you must deal with the Norwegian VAT rules Tax rules.
For assignments where the turnover in Norway exceeds NOK 50,000 over a period of twelve months, you must register the business in the VAT Register.
The registration in the VAT register must be made regardless of the duration of the assignment. If the department is not operated from a fixed place of business in Norway and comes under the provisions of the Value Added Tax Act, a representative must be registered. The representative requirement does not apply to companies from EEA countries.

UDI - Directorate of Immigration
If you are not a citizen of an EU / EEA country and are planning to work in Norway, you must investigate the rules for residence permits (See UDI - application for residence permit).


Companies that are domiciled abroad and who carry out assignments in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf have a duty to provide information to Norway and must deliver an a-melding.
Delivery is independent of tax liability to Norway. Sole Proprietorship with employees have the same disclosure obligation (See Foreign employers - duty to disclose information in the a-message).

Assignment and employee register
In addition, assignments performed in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf by a foreign company or a foreign self-employed person must also be registered in Assignment and employee register. In this register, you must provide information about assignments and employees (working conditions).
For more information about NUF and the various forms, please see these pages:

Contact IDEMIA Norge AS for information about invoices for HSE cards ordered before 2020. They want the following email address to be used regardless of whether it is an HSE card for cleaning or for building and construction:

Bank details regarding customer relationship:

Name: EVRY Card Services AS
Address: Stigerplatåveien 23, Postboks 555, 8607 Mo i Rana, NORWAY
Email: - This is used in connection with the customer relationship. Invoice inquiries are sent to (shorter response time).
Org. no: NO981931114MVA Company registered
Bank account: 50820651763
IBAN: NO6750820651763

Please note the following: Payments made without a KID number will not be posted against the issued invoice.